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French & English bilingual storybook

IWI or The Promise of  Life

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Ce livre est non seulement un ouvrage dont le décor est d'une douce poésie, mais surtout d'une poésie dont nous avons tous besoin aujourd'hui, nous rappelant notamment l'importance "d'être, ensemble, à chaque instant".

A mettre de toute urgence dans la bibliothèque de vos petits, et moins petits!

This newly launched children storybook "Iwi or the promise of life” is about a boy, named Iwi. This is the story of life and the song of life. In Iwi’s tribe, a child’s life begins with a song. Each child has a melody. Its very own which will guide him through his life. And throughout the book, we discover the story of Iwi’s life and melody with vibrant illustrations.


Written by Stéphanie Stiernon
Illustrated by Assia Bennani

  • Language: FRENCH & ENGLISH 

  • 36 pages

  • Size: 24.2 x 32.7 cm 

  • Hard cover

EUR 20.9


Iwi's very first podcast!

Les carnets de Perrine (Fr)



Stéphanie Stiernon,

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Stéphanie Stiernon grew up in Belgium and has lived in many countries. After a career in banking, she is today a freelance journalist and a story book writer.
Stephanie is the mother of three children, Arthur, Margaux and Edouard.



Assia Bennani

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Assia Bennani grew up in Morocco. She studied interior design in Paris. Her longing to explore new horizons has taken her into the world of graphic design, mural art and illustration of books for children.
All her work is available on Assia is the mother of two boys, Aydan and Nessim.


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